This series builds on the success so many parents have achieved with Preparation For Parenting and adds a new dimension to your baby's day-the establishment of right learning patterns. Training a pre-toddler will assist in the development of three life-serving skills:  sitting, focusing, and concentrating.  (Duration:  5 weeks)

 Topics include:

  • How to rightly deal with common mealtime problems and how not to create a picky eater

  • What is the best learning environment for your child?

  • How to avoid developmental deprivation

  • The importance of structure and free playtime

  • The basics of biblical discipline

  • Setting boundaries

  • Five principles of instruction

  • How to teach your baby basic sign language

  • How to handle sleep problems associated with this phase of growth

  • How to successfully move a toddler from crib to bed

  • And much more. . .

Dates Available Status Day/Time Location
March 16, 2003
Sun/4:30 - 6:30pm

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