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Preparation for Parenting is a prerequisite to Preparation for the Toddler Years.  These classes are designed to be taken in succession and many of the foundational principles built upon in the Toddler class are presented in Preparation for Parenting. 
Growing Kids God's Way
(24 Mo. - Teens)

To register for Growing Kids God's Way, you and your spouse must attend a required information meeting to be eligible. Information meetings for each GKGW session are offered 1 to 2 weeks before the start of each class.

Because of the high level of commitment required for the success of this class, we require that both spouses be in attendance for this first meeting in order to register.  Details regarding class guidelines and requirements will be presented and an introductory video will be shown which describes the curriculum to be covered during the 18 weeks of GKGW.  Then you and your spouse you will have an opportunity to make a joint decision about committing to this 18 week course.  Registration forms will be available at this meeting and class fees will be collected to reserve a spot in the class. 

Moral Innocence
(24 Mo. - Teens)
In order to register for Reflections of Moral Innocence, you must have taken a facilitated Growing Kids God's

Attendance Guidelines

The GFI curriculum is built upon God's principles and how we can apply to our families lives on a daily basis. Because each chapter builds the foundation for the next chapter, we require a high level of commitment from couples and single parents. All classes require that both spouses attend together with exceptions for single parents allowed.  Preparation for Parenting and Preparation for Toddler Years are only allowed one unexcused absence while Growing Kids God's Way allows up to 3 absences.

All the classes (except Moral Innocence) require at least one hour of reading and homework a week. Especially with Growing Kids God's Way, the homework must be done early since many assignments require exercises and interactions with the children that will be discussed during the following class.

Please prayerfully consider the above information before registering  for the class.

In order to register for Preparation for Parenting and Preparation for Toddler please contact the class coordinators to confirm space availability for each class. 

Class Size

Classes are limited to 7 couples and are filled as we receive applications and class fees. We regret that we cannot "hold" class spaces due to the high demand for this course so please be prepared to have your fees ready if you plan to take the class.

Registration Forms

To register, please click on the names of the class to open the application in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat reader is required to view and print the applications.

Or complete the on-line registration form to send your information via email. Class fees will still need to be mailed to reserve a space.

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