If you are expecting a baby or you have an infant, then this series is where you’ll want to begin.  The Ezzos present an infant management plan that is unique for our times.  It’s one that does not leave a mother ragged at the end of the day, nor does it exclude the father from his duties of parenthood.  It’s a guide to creating a structure that encourages the natural rhythms of a child to synchronize with the needs of the child and those of the rest of the family.  (Duration:  6 weeks)

Topics include:

  • Establishing a biblical mindset for parenting
  • What causes an infant to become insecure?
  • The importance of an infant's sleep pattern
  • Understanding your infant's biological clock
  • The when, how, and why of breast and bottle feeding
  • Why is routine part of God's universal order?
  • Understanding your baby's cry
  • The role of Dad in infant parenting
  • Why babies can sleep through the night in eight weeks
  • And much more. .

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March 17, 2003
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