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The success of these classes is based upon a high level of commitment and accountability of all who enroll and all classes require a husband-wife commitment. Because the classes build upon one another in succession, we ask that you try not to miss any classes, if possible. If you and your spouse anticipate missing more than the the suggested allowable absences (2 for Prep/Toddler and 4 for GKGW), we would ask that you consider taking the class at another time when your schedule allows for a higher level of commitment.

Classes are currently conducted in a home study setting. Class time each week is two hours long and requires 30 – 60 minutes outside preparation time. Space is limited so please register early.

After observing the last generation of young families, Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo realized that not all families had the benefit and blessing of understanding how Biblical principles could apply to the raising of their children. After years of biblical study and with their own experience raising children, the Ezzos developed this program and founded Growing Families International in 1989


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